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Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy by sdhaddow

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Tagged by purple-cinnamon (thank u babe 😘)    1) Germany, Mrs. Furuholmen, Mags’ wife  2) blue/green  3) brown  4) I am still alive (shocking)  5) yellow  6) anywhere I can be alone  7) MAAAAAAAGGSSSSStuart Adamson  8) cats  9) Blood That Moves the Body by A-Ha  10) don’t have one rn     I tag kiracake jolivet dying-to-be-different cosy-prisons a-sunny-mystery mayraharket hadley-harket vegardsnipples ylvisruinedmylife shandydann cigarettes-cocaine-and-old-guys shadows-onyourside j-om sidney-98 awesome-hugs-kisses dieboldt mrssimonlebon hitlers3rdball  hoosonja glaucepellielo    You don’t have to do this if you already have/dont want to

sidney-98 has done the wonderful service of tagging me again. Bless.
1) Muggs. Obviously. I got it because when I was a baby, I used to like to slap my Dad’s face. I sent his glasses flying across the room one too many times and he had to wear contacts for many years lol
Other than that, pretty much anything you can make of “Megan”. Megs, Meggy, etc, etc.
2) They’re weird. Green with dashes of brown (but not hazel).
3) Brown. Always has been. Probably always will be.
4) Um….I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Combined Statistics and Economics.
Except I haven’t used any economics or heavy statistics in a few years so I kind of forget everything. Oops.
My Dad is currently teaching a beginner Economics class and I may be his teaching assistant if the one he was assigned with sucks ass.
5) Anything except pastels, really.
6) I’m loving my apartment more and more. I’d also have to say London. I shall return someday.
7)  I dunno, this guy’s alright…

8) Penguins are pretty awesome.
9) I have waaaay too many. I’m listening to Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead by the Crash Test Dummies right now, That’s a good one.
10) Not much of a reader. I have read Red Dragon by Thomas Harris many times though.
Thank you! :)
I wish these things would abolish this tagging your peeps thing. :( Anyone who wants to do this, just do it, lol

Top Gear: A-Z

Kia Cee’d, Kit Car, Kristen Scott Thomas


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